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1 year ago

Success Stories Of Haunted House Circus

Anxiety frequently rises the closer you get to the front of the line of a haunted house. Enter a world of illusions, where nothing is what it shows to be. Your eyes play tricks on you as the lights thaw away the haunted walls around you. You are about to begin a haunted journey into a twisted reality where you are placed front and center.


Whether people are looking for lighter, family-friendly terrors or a full-out scare fest, there are plenty of haunted attractions around town to accommodate all ages. Dallas Fort Worth Haunted House, Dfw is most famous nowadays. Sound and lighting are also essential factors when you’re creating so many different shows in the same space. Many of the creatures, acolytes & witches work musical instruments into their scares & distractions.


Producing a horror experience has been fun, but more complicated than expected. It’s been a overwhelming amount of work that started eight months ago. At any given point you will find actors with bagpipes, electric guitars, or even a theremin. And like any good haunted attraction experience, the use of these instruments and noises work to build the anxiety as you go through.


The Strangling Bros Haunted Circus is working hard to become one of the debut haunted attractions in the country. Any given day, you can find amazing artists, zombie warz, techs, dfw haunted house and craftsmen excitedly changing and upgrading in order to offer its guests a wholly different experience with each show.

1 year ago

Experience Frightening Zombie Warz At Strangling Bros Haunted Circus

Number of events includes in a haunted circus like a twisted circus Ringmaster as the host. While the Dark Harbour theme in general has nothing to do with carnivals or circuses, there's a lot going on here and it's a highly advised event if you can manage to attend.

Killer Clowns
A popular haunted circus theme is killer clowns. Killer clown costumes vary greatly, friendly guise of a clown to a deadly, ranging from a cunning sociopath hiding underneath the smiling, murderous alien masquerading as a clown or even a demonic monster like Pennywise the Clown from the horror novel "It" by Stephen King.

Demonic Freak Show
A haunted circus demonic freak show themed party can have fiends from the depths of hell and other creepy supernatural things pretending to be people waiting for the audience to get within arm's reach so that they can eat them.

Ghost Circus
A haunted ghost circus can have a ghostly ring leader, zombie tumblers, Zombie Paintball and acrobat artists who died gruesome deaths. Zombie Hunt makeup can create realistic-looking injuries with bones stick out from broken necks and arms of dead tumblers and animal tamers.

Nightmare Traveling Circus
The nightmare traveling circus theme can be motivated by the novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by author Ray Bradbury. In the story, a nightmare traveling circus comes to town, led by Mr. Dark, who entices victims into his mirror maze and allows them to live out their secret fantasies before required them into eternal service to his carnival.

Get awesome experience of Zombie Warz at Strangling Bros Haunted Circus. Here Zombie Hunt will get your blood pumping and your adrenaline going like no video game ever could.

1 year ago

Have Fun With Zombie Paintball At StranglingBros Haunted Circus

Every year Texas manages to fright up new Halloween haunted houses. Some Zombie  dwellings can cause heart-pounding terror, claustrophobic. Other attractions create less sensory excess and are better suited for young children.


At StranglingBros our Texas Haunted House have circus players like stilt walkers and jugglers and freak show acts performing outside the haunt to entertain visitors waiting in line. This year though we are not carrying the entire StrangingBros 3D Haunt. We have included a bug room, complete with strange creepy critters to make your skin crawl, a dark maze with a spark hurdle and more claustrophobic interactive experiences for each customer.


It includes a haunted forest, a 3D clown maze, Zombie Painball and a temple of terror. The attraction is converted every year from the benign Bayville Adventure Park into a complex of terrors, including a manor built by Hollywood production designers at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Bubbles the monkey joyfully makes his way through the shadows of the circus freight and enters the dark, silent field, unnoticed by anyone. And no one is there to hear his crys of fear and pain turn to yowls of hunger and rage.


Come to StranglingBros Haunted Circus -  just walking around frightened out of your wits, in this Zombie Paintball attraction, you get to take charge of those fears and shoot them right in the forehead.


1 year ago

Enjoy Zombie Paintball At StranglingBros Haunted Circus

The world of movies, computer games, design, tattoo, lowbrow are experiencing a renaissance of interest in zombies and this collection presents an unbelievable array of contemporary art of the undead.


Every year Strangling bros releases the premier list of haunted hayrides, haunted houses, haunted attractions, real haunted houses, scream parks.


Utah Haunted houses boomed, find new audiences by creating ultimate haunting experience and create worldwide identities as tourists hotpots. It offers an over-the-top production, unique themes, stunts, specials effects, terrifying live actors, amazing costumes and sets.


You will find floating floors, a spinning tunnel, death defying holes, walls, incredible artwork etc will leave you completely unstable. Adding Zombie Hunt in the show proved to be a great asset to gain visitors attraction.


Every aspect of the haunted must be believable so that audience experiences a true fear. People visit to Texas haunted house to get scared and gain overall great experience.


Zombie Paintball is another attraction in this season, customer ride the bus and shoot paint balls at the zombies as the vehicle steals through the corn maze.

Enjoy zombie paintball at  StranglingBros Haunted Circus. Get realistic equipment to shoot zombies. Have scariest fun and amazing experience at our Texas Haunted House. Visit once.

1 year ago

Most Entertaining Place - Strangling Bros Haunted House Circus

Strangling Bros Haunted Circus in Chicago, Dallas, Draper, and Houston is considered one of the best haunted houses in the world. The Isolated Texas haunted house doesn’t even have a guide. It offers full of scary stuff, killer clown 4-D, clowns, zombie hunt and clown overload zone for those who are really not fans. The audience always wants to see changes in every show; they don’t want the same show year after year.


Haunted houses have gotten expensive; it can easily cost more than $100 for 4 members family. It is important to assure customers about interactive scène right in the front door, before they paid.


The first half Texas haunted house show is designed like an outdoor fair. The team at Strangling Bros Haunted Circus wanted to do something more interesting and unique. Actors wanted to create a freak show and zoo that houses all of the circus sideshows.


The only way to keep Strangling Bros haunted house customers coming is to put on the scariest and most entertaining show in the market every day.


The haunts feature grand scenes, realistic moments, horrifying environment, scary sounds, zombie paintball, that would amaze customers and they walked in the door.


Each attraction and scene has its own unique theme, but they are all tied together by one fascinating concept and riveting.

1 year ago

Attraction Of People Towards Houston Haunted House

Houston haunted house rise discovering new audiences and creating worldwide identities as visitor hotspots. The mysteries of the unknown facts have always intent the human mind. But appearance of darkness mixes up scary vibes in air of this drama. Like, the sleeping characters stand up and life of dead begins here.


Strangling Brothers releases the leading list of haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted home, shout parks, corn mazes, real haunted houses and Halloween attractions every year.


Nowadays, there are public from all over the World scheduling fall vacations in search of attending the best Dallas haunted house attractions in the globe.  


People pack up their vehicles; work begin for a week, and travel various cities, finding  Dallas haunted house  throughout the world that make their heart strike and the hair on the back of their neck rise. Horror fans gather to Houston/Dallas haunted houses to experience terror, live suspense, screams, in-your-face thrills.
These days  Dallas haunted house  are classy, stylish with high tech special effects, making memorable remembrance that last a whole life.


Houston haunted house industry is much similar to the film industry, as it causes emotional practices and has the less time to make audience aware about the products and the tickets sell.


Experience the real Houston haunted house at Haunted Circus, Have you ever  experienced our Dallas haunted house at Strangling Bros Haunted Circus. Imagine mind-blowing high-tech effects, cutting-edge animatronics, innovative lighting, wicked sounds etc. Strangling Bros Haunted Circus has returned for the most terrifying season yet. Visit once.

1 year ago

Utah haunted house

The strangling Brothers haunted circus come in unique and scariest way every season to scare Utah residents. Now, It has been too long, we have waited a terrifying long time and we have come right to you, Utah residents.



Dare to Visit Our Haunted House



You will experience here, which you have never expected or ever experienced even in real haunted houses. If you have dare to challenge your fear, So you must come at least once here and feel an unique scariest & horrifying experience.



Strangling Bros. Haunted circus is a new twist in the haunted house industry and it's like no other haunted house in the world. Voted the #1 Utah haunted house circus in Salt lake city and ranked 7th scariest haunted house in the world.



The Strangling Brothers has returned for the most terrifying season yet and our demonic freaks are too curious to meet you. So, Why are you waiting for? Come online and buy tickets for the most horrible experience of your life, hurry up!!!